8 Best Dishwashers in India (2021 Reviews)

Dishwashers are slowly starting to occupy a coveted place in the Indian kitchen, and there are many good reasons for this. There are few chores that are as constant and monotonous as washing the dishes.

A dishwasher allows you to sit back and let the machine take care of it while you do things you really like doing. While they can be a sizable initial investment, dishwashers are built to last and may serve your purpose for anywhere between 10-20 years. 

On average, that comes down to a few thousand rupees a year to never have to worry about washing dishes again, not to mention all the time you save and get to spend on other pursuits. That’s as good a deal as any. If it sounds like one you’d like to avail, this article has you covered.

We’ll be discussing everything you need to know before purchasing a dishwasher. We’ll also be listing the best dishwashers in India for your needs and requirements. 

Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Dishwasher

The good thing about dishwashers is that they are relatively straightforward. You do not need to know much in order to be able to select a good one. Having said that, there are a few key considerations that, when considered, will help you tailor your purchase to yours and your family’s needs. These are listed below. 

Types of Dishwashers

There are two main types of dishwashers: built-in dishwashers and countertop/portable dishwashers. Built-in dishwashers are permanently installed below your kitchen sink. Once installed, you can use the dishwasher simultaneously with your sink.

That’s because this type requires an inlet pipe for the water supply and an outlet duct for drainage. Built-in dishwashers are more suitable for people who own their own homes because it is difficult to remove these once you’ve integrated them into your kitchen. 

The alternative, countertop dishwashers, is for anyone who isn’t living in their own home and would like the option to move the washer around whenever convenient. You can drag this into your kitchen whenever you’d like to use it and connect it to your faucet using the pipe. One drawback of this is that you then can’t use the sink until the dishwasher is finished with its wash cycle.

Also, keep in mind that portable dishwashers have a much smaller capacity than built-in dishwashers. As such, if you have a large family, this option may not be feasible for you even if you live in a rented home. 


Dishwashers generally come in two standard sizes, 18 and 24 inches, and their capacity is measured in place settings. According to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, one place setting implies the capacity to wash two forks, a coffee cup, a drinking glass, two teaspoons, and two plates at a time. 

By and large, built-in dishwashers are 24 inches large and have 12-16 place settings. On the other hand, portable dishwashers are generally 18 inches big, with 6-8 place settings.

As you can see, this is nearly half, and capacity is arguably the most important consideration while buying a dishwasher. If you have a family of four or more, you will likely need a built-in dishwasher. 

The material of the Interior

As with the types of dishwashers and capacity, there are two types of interiors for dishwashers, stainless steel, and plastic. The former is more expensive, but stainless-steel tubs are also more durable. However, the cleaning performance is relatively identical.

Wash Programs

Generally, dishwashers come with at least three wash programs that vary according to the intensity of the wash. These modes are light, normal, and heavy, though they are called different things by different brands. In addition to these, you might want a dishwasher that has washing programs with different speeds of wash cycles, different water temperatures, etc. 

Ideally, you’ll have a washing program that can clean utensils quicker than normal, and one that can accommodate various materials simultaneously. In some high-end models, you also have wash programs that can automatically detect utensils that are soiled to varying degrees and wash them automatically. 

Drying Mechanism

Just like there are different wash programs, there are also different mechanisms for drying your utensils through a dishwasher.

There are three main modes of drying, and your dishwasher may have just one or even all three depending on how expensive the model is. These modes differ in the process by which they rid your utensils of moisture, as well as their suitability to different materials. 

The first mode is heat-based. These are good for steel utensils and rely on evaporating water through high heat exposure. However, it might not be enough if you regularly use glass or plasticware.

The second mode, which is fan-based, goes well with all utensil materials. However, the process of drying takes longer. Lastly, you have the condensation based drying mode.

This mode is only available in dishwashers with a steel interior. It condenses the moisture onto the walls of the dishwasher, which leaks out through the outlet duct. Of the three, this is the most advanced and efficient drying mechanism. 

Advanced Features

As with any appliance, the higher you go in price, the more extra features you get. Depending on your needs and requirements, you might want to pay the premium for these because they can make things very convenient for the right user. 

There is a wide range of advanced features available in dishwashers that serve a variety of purposes. This can be auto-restart in the event of power failure, hard water to soft water conversion, removable racks, a sanitize mode that kills 99.99% of bacteria present on your utensils, a garburator feature that removes solid particles from your utensils, etc.   

The Best Dishwashers in India Reviewed

Now that we’ve covered all the essentials, it’s time to list the best dishwashers you can purchase in India. This list will cover a wide variety of budgets, features, capacities, and needs to suit the widest array of users one can imagine. 

1)    Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

The first product on this list comes from one of the most renowned brands in the home appliances market. This machine has a host of features that any user would want, along with an enviable construction and durability. Starting with its capacity, the 12 place settings are more than enough for a family of four or more.

It has 6 different wash programs. The most prominent of these is their ‘Intensive Kadhai’ option that is geared for oily and harsh stains that frequently result from Indian foods. It also has an Express Sparkle mode that will clean normally soiled utensils in just an hour. 

The AquaSensor in this machine can sense how soiled your utensils are and adjust the amount of water used accordingly. Across all programs, this dishwasher heats water to 70*C which kills 99.99% of bacteria that may be present on your utensils.

If you don’t have enough utensils to fill the full capacity of this machine, the HalfLoad feature allows you to save time, energy, and water by not going through the complete cycle. 

The different modes and features on this machine meant that it is extraordinarily flexible. It can clean your utensils in a jiffy when needed while also being thorough. However, one issue with purchasing this machine is that Bosch’s customer service can be lackluster. Though you likely won’t need them, this is the only concern one might have with the product. 

Why we like it

  • 6 different wash programs 
  • 12 place setting capacity 
  • HalfLoad feature
  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria

Take note

  • Customer service after the purchase isn’t the best.

2)    Faber 12 Place Setting Dishwasher

This dishwasher by Faber is similar to its predecessor in terms of features but is significantly cheaper in price. It comes with 6 washing programs called intensive, rapid, eco, glass, etc.

As you can see, this means it supports different speeds as well as different materials for washing. The 12-place setting capacity is sufficient for a 4 member family. The new black color also has a sleek, aesthetically pleasing look which ensures that it will stand out in your kitchen. 

Coming to the extra features, this dishwasher, like Bosch, also kills 99.99% of all bacteria on your utensils by heating the water to 69*C. It has a HalfLoad feature that allows you to start a wash cycle without filling the full capacity of the dishwasher whilst saving water, time, and energy.

If you live in an area where access to water can be tricky, you’ll be delighted to know that Faber’s washer uses significantly less water than its alternatives. While others use up to 60 liters of water, this one only needs about 10.

Besides saving on water, Faber has also included a host of features intended to save energy during both cleaning and drying. This can save you a significant amount of money on electricity costs in the long run. 

The only concern one might have with this machine is that it does take a lot of time to complete the washing and drying process. At 49 decibels, the noise it produces is also on the slightly higher side. 

Why we like it

  • Good value for money 
  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • Saves tons of water and energy 
  • Many useful features like HalfLoad, etc

Take note

  • Can be slightly noisy 
  • Takes time to finish washing utensils

3)    LG 14 Place Settings Wi-Fi Dishwasher

LG’s Wi-Fi dishwasher is arguably the most advanced and premium option of all options on this list. Though these features do come at a hefty price, the sheer variety of things it can do, combined with the reputation of LG mean that it is worth every rupee.

Starting with the 14 place settings capacity, the machine can wash enough utensils for a 6-8 member family at a time. 

It has 9 wash programs instead of 6, the most notable being QuadWash and True Steam. The former utilizes flexible water spraying arms and high-pressure jets within the dishwasher to cleanse your utensils as thoroughly as possible. True Steam is another mode that is adept at drying your utensils efficiently.

You won’t find a single trace of water on your dishes once you’re done. As the Wi-Fi in the name suggests, you can connect to LG’s ThinQ app to automatically diagnose any issues you might face. You can also control it remotely to start wash cycles and perform other relevant tasks.

Besides this, the machine is extremely quiet at just 44 decibels of sound. You won’t even notice it running in the background. 

Coming to some drawbacks, it’s obvious that this machine is quite expensive. Not all of its features might be essential for you, but if they are, there are few better machines than this on the Indian market. 

Why we like it

  • 14 place settings capacity
  • 9 wash programs
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Quiet operation

Take note

  • Expensive 

4)    Voltas Beko 8 Place Setting Table Top Dishwasher

The dishwashers listed so far have all been for relatively large families. However, this one by Voltas is perfect for smaller ones consisting of 2 or 3 members who want to have the convenience of a dishwasher without spending a bomb on it.

Its 8 place setting capacity means that it can load 96 vessels including forks and cups/glasses in a single wash cycle. It comes with 6 wash programs, one of which is called the ‘Mini 30’ program. This mode washes your utensils in just 30 minutes, albeit without drying them.

If you regularly have lightly soiled utensils that need quick washing, this mode will come in very handy. Being a compact dishwasher, you can also move this around if you ever shift houses. 

Like the Faber dishwasher, this one consumes very less water per wash cycle. With only 8 liters needed per wash, you need not worry about wasting water ever again. This is especially impressive since it manages to kill 99.99% bacteria in each wash as well.

The 2 spraying arms within are also efficient in reaching every nook and cranny to clean your utensils thoroughly. 

Coming to some drawbacks, the wash cycle of this machine is quite long. Since it doesn’t have a delay start feature, you might need to plan when to wash your utensils before doing so to have them ready at your convenience. If you have especially big utensils, you might need to wash them separately, which, given the long wash cycle, can become unfeasible.

Why we like it

  • Portable 
  • Ideal for small families 
  • Mini 30 feature
  • Consumes very less water

Take note

  • Long wash cycle 
  • Might not be able to clean large utensils when filled to full capacity

5)     IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher

IFB’s Neptune VX is yet another machine that is packed with features and a large capacity without being overly expensive. It’s 12 place settings volume will be sufficient for families of 4, and has 8 wash programs to give you several options when selecting how to clean your utensils.

The programs vary based on the temperature of the water they use for the wash cycle, as well as the time it takes to finish the cycle. If you need your utensils in the next 30-40 minutes, it will ensure you do, and if you can spare some time, it can work at its own pace as well.

Like some others on this list, the VX also has a steam drying option that eviscerates any stains or marks on your dishes. It also has a HalfLoad option for when you have fewer utensils to wash.

Another important feature here is the adjustable racks. This helps you accommodate different utensils together with minimal ease, especially since the VX utilizes its space very well to fit in all your various dishes and glasses at once. 

One issue with this machine is that it is not suitable for plastic or non-stick utensils. If you primarily use steel dishes this won’t be an issue, but in other cases, it could be a major concern. The maintenance cost of the machine is also somewhat high. 

Why we like it

  • 8 wash programs 
  • Steam drying 
  • Energy efficient
  • HalfLoad option

Take note

  • High maintenance cost 
  • Not suitable for plastic/non-stick utensils

6)    Elica 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

Elica might not be a brand you’ve heard of yet, but they’ve built a dishwasher worthy of serious consideration when deciding on your final purchase. Like most on this list, this machine also has a 12 place settings capacity but with 5 wash programs.

Though this machine doesn’t have any unique features as such, it is an affordable option that offers a lot of value for your money. 

Perhaps the most notable aspect of this dishwasher is that wash cycles last for just one hour. This is less than half some of the others on this list, with wait times extending to 2 and even 2 and a half hours. Thus, it ensures that you’re never left wanting for clean utensils since it can wash them fairly quickly.

Its hygienic washing feature ensures that your dishes are rid of 99.99% bacteria after each cycle. You also have a HalfLoad option for times when you don’t have 12 place settings worth of utensils to wash. 

Coming to some drawbacks, the drying mechanism here is heat-based, which means it is not suitable for plastic or glass. It also means that you’ll have to wipe those clean yourself. Besides this, customer service might be an issue after purchase since the company is a relatively small one. 

Why we like it

  • 12 place settings capacity 
  • Short wash cycles 
  • Halfload feature 
  • Good value for money

Take note 

  • Heat based drying mechanism 
  • Customer service might be an issue 

7)    Hafele Aqua 12 Place Setting Stainless Steel Dishwasher

Hafele’s Aqua 12S dishwasher is another compact machine that combines the best of German innovation with an overall affordable price value if you can get it at a discount. The 12 place settings capacity is accompanied by 6 washing programs that vary based on the time they take to finish one wash cycle and the intensity of the cleaning process. 

Like others on this list, this machine has the capacity to kill 99.99% bacteria from your dishes, it has a HalfLoad feature, and the water consumption is also low. However, what stands out is their three-part filtration system that consists of coarse, fine, and microfilters.

This ensures that your pipes and drains don’t get clogged because of food particles so water can flow through them easily. The sound engineering on this machine is built so that you won’t hear the machine running in the background.

There is also a delayed start feature that lets you effectively plan when to start the wash cycle so that you have clean utensils whenever you need them. 

All of these features make this machine a good one, but they are not enough to justify the actual MRP of the product. Thankfully, this machine is frequently on sale online and can be purchased for Rs 10-15,000 less. If you can manage to snap it up at discount, this machine is as good as any on this list.

Why we like it

  • 12 place setting capacity 
  • Three-part filtration system 
  • Delay Start feature 
  • Inaudible while in operation 

Take note

  • MRP is too high

8)    Faber 14 Place Settings Dishwasher

This last machine is only the second dishwasher we’ve featured that has a 14 place setting capacity. As such, it is sufficient for large families consisting of 6-8 members. It has 8 different wash programs for various cleaning intensities as well as wash cycle lengths.

These wash programs are made even better with this machine’s 3D wash technology. This means that the dishwasher has 3 spraying arms for more thorough cleansing while also saving time. The Auto Wash feature also ensures that the dishwasher automatically detects the amount of water and time needed to clean your utensils effectively. 

Other notable features here include a Delay Start feature, child locks, a drying mechanism that is suitable for all materials of utensils, and silent operation at just 44 decibels. It is without a doubt one of the most feature-packed machines on this list, for a price that is lower than its alternative, the LG 14 place settings machine. The only major difference is that this one doesn’t support Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Coming to some drawbacks, a normal wash cycle on this machine takes almost 3 hours to finish. This is among the highest on this list. The customer service can also be disappointing depending on where you live. 

Why we like it

  • 14 place settings capacity 
  • 3D wash technology
  • Quiet operation
  • Flexible drying mechanism 

Take note

  • Long wash cycle 
  • Customer service can be poor 


If you don’t know anything about dishwashers but want to buy one, this article has everything you’ll need to help you in this endeavor. We’ve discussed all the relevant considerations you need to make, as well as listed some of the best dishwashers in India that you can choose from. If money is no barrier, the single best machine on this list is the LG 14 Place Settings dishwasher. 

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