6 Best Refrigerators In India (2021 Reviews)

It’s no secret that a refrigerator is an essential part of every kitchen. Be it for families, bachelors living alone, or anyone else, buying a fridge is an important decision for various reasons.

High-end refrigerators can be extraordinarily expensive, but they are also a long-term investment that last for decades. There are many factors one needs to consider, such as budget, brand, which type of fridge to buy, how much capacity it must have, etc. They also define the tone and décor of your kitchen, so you’ll want something that compliments your aesthetic well. 

As such, given the sheer number of choices that are available on the market, you’ll want a refrigerator that fulfills all of your needs. You wouldn’t want to spend tens of thousands of rupees on a fridge only to have to buy a new one a few years later.

To protect you from buyer’s remorse after purchasing a new refrigerator, this article compiles everything you’ll need to know before making your final choice. We’ll list all the factors you need to consider before purchasing a fridge, as well as the best refrigerators in India overall. 

Factors to Look Out for Before Purchasing A Refrigerator 

Narrowing down the type of refrigerator you want is the first step towards deciding which fridge you ultimately want to buy. However, there are several other considerations that have been touched upon very briefly in the previous section. These are: dimensions, capacity, various features, durability, energy consumption, an inbuilt stabilizer, smart vs normal fridges, etc. 


Dimensions might sound like an obvious place to start, but it can be very easy to mess this up if you don’t actually measure the space you have for a fridge and account for some clearance to let heat generated by the fridge to escape. You might also face the issue of having too much space around your fridge, so make sure you choose one with the appropriate dimensions, leaving around 2 inches on each side for heat dissipation. 


Coming to capacity, you’ll ideally want around 50-80 liters of storage for every person in your household. So, a family of four will need approximately 300 liters of storage, whereas a large joint family may need anywhere between 500-800L. 


There are several features of a refrigerator you’ll want to consider based on your eating habits and lifestyle. This can be the size and number of shelves and drawers, icemakers, door locks if you have children at home, different cooling technologies like dual fan systems, speed chilling for hot items, and many more.

So, if you drink wine often, get a fridge with shelves that are spaced appropriately. If you store a lot of things in your freezer, get a fridge with an adequately sized freezer. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, there is no end to the kind of features you can have, so you’ll want to research this part thoroughly. 


Another extremely important consideration here is the durability of your fridge. A good indicator for this is the warranty that comes with your refrigerator. Different parts tend to be covered for different lengths of time, but on average the body is covered for a year while the compressor is covered for about ten years. Refrigerators from reputable brands like LG, Samsung, Haier, etc., are also more likely to last longer compared to a lesser known manufacturer. Also, you’ll want a refrigerator with an inbuilt stabilizer if you live in an area that is prone to electricity cuts and prevent any damage to their fridge. 

Energy Consumption 

The penultimate feature that you’ll want to consider is the energy consumption of your fridge. Refrigerators make up a considerable amount of your monthly electricity expenses, and a fridge which is not energy efficient will only increase that bill further. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency regulates energy consumption of refrigerators by marking them on a scale of 1-5 stars. Although 5 star rated fridges are expensive, they will help you recoup your extra cost in just a few years through the money they’ll save you in electricity. 

Smart Refrigerators

Lastly, if you can afford it, you may want to opt for a smart refrigerator. Depending on which model you get, a smart refrigerator is capable of a vast array of functions that ordinary fridges cannot perform. These include reading out recipes while you cook, flexible cooling settings that can be regulated using your phone or tablet, creating grocery lists that syncs to your phone, a whiteboard for writing instructions or anything else, internal cameras to allow you to see inside your fridge without having to open it, etc. All of these are a luxury to have, and if you see yourself using them often, purchase a model that comes with them. 

The Best Refrigerators in India 

Now that we’ve discussed everything you need to know before purchasing a refrigerator, it’s time to list the best options available on the Indian market that might be of interest to you. 

1. Whirlpool 190L 3 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator 

This single door refrigerator from Whirlpool arguably provides the most value for money of all fridges out there. It comes in several attractive colors that will ensure it provides a nice aesthetic touch to your kitchen.

It is extremely affordable and contains enough storage for a small family of 3-4 members. With a 3 star BEE rating, this refrigerator is also efficient in energy consumption (it consumes approximately 168 KWh/year), meaning that it won’t inflate your electricity bill too much. It comes with a 1-year warranty for the body and 10 years for the compressor. 

Coming to some unique features of this fridge, it has a fast ice making button that rapidly increases the rate at which ice is formed. This can be extremely useful if you host people at home regularly. It also comes with advanced insulated capillary technology, which enhances the rate of cooling and keeps your food cold for up to 9 hours in the event of a power cut. 

Furthermore, it has huge bottle racks on the door that are suitable for storing large bottles. The produce drawer comes with Honey Comb Lock In technology that maintains optimum levels of moisture in your fruits and vegetables, keeping them fresh for longer. Lastly, this fridge dispenses with the need for an external stabilizer since it is capable of handling fluctuations in voltage between 130V-300V. 

The only downside of this refrigerator is that you will need to manually defrost it. Besides this minor inconvenience, this Whirlpool refrigerator makes for a seriously good option considering that you can purchase it for around INR 15,000 depending on available offers. 


  • Provides great value for money 
  • Insulated capillary technology protects your food in case of power cuts 
  • 3-star BEE rating 
  • Attractive design 


  • Requires manual defrosting 

2) Haier 565L Inverter Frost-Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator 

If you have a large family at home with six or more members, this is the fridge for you. With a total capacity of 565L, approximately 66% being for the refrigerator and 34% for the freezer, this fridge will easily take care of your food storage needs.

This refrigerator also has a narrow body that allows it to fit into cramped spaces without making its interiors inaccessible. The chrome finish makes it appear especially stylish, and like its predecessor, it comes with a 1-year warranty for the body and 10 years for the compressor. 

Being a premium refrigerator, this machine comes with a ton of unique selling points. Firstly, it’s handle contains an LED panel which makes setting temperature very easy.

However, if you’re confused about what the appropriate temperature to set is, the fridge has a Fuzzy Logic feature which automatically does this task for you based on internal and external temperature variations. Second, it has a Super Cool and Super Freeze function which rapidly speeds up the rate at which foods in either compartment are cooled by making the compressor work faster.

Lastly, it also has a Smart Holiday function which allows you to set a stable temperature range for when you’re away from home for long periods of time. 

Coming to some potential drawbacks, this fridge isn’t rated by the BEE in terms of efficiency of energy consumption. However, Haier claims that this refrigerator consumes less than a unit per day, which is very reasonable for a fridge of this size.

This refrigerator also lacks an inbuilt ice box. It comes with standard ice trays which make extracting the ice difficult and frustrating. Lastly, given the size and features of this fridge, it is quite expensive at approximately INR 55,000-60,000.


  • Large capacity with good freezer to refrigerator ratio
  • Fuzzy Logic feature automatically sets the temperature for you
  • Slim design that allows it to be kept in narrow spaces 
  • Efficient energy consumption


  • Lacks a BEE rating 
  • Comes with standard ice trays that are very inconvenient to use

3) Samsung 253L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Fridge

This refrigerator by Samsung is perhaps the only item on this list which has no apparent flaws. With 253L of storage, its capacity is more than enough for a family of 4-5 people.

Even though around 69L of this has been devoted to the freezer, you do have the option of converting that to a refrigerator based on your needs. This can be an extremely useful feature that will come in handy on several occasions. It comes with auto defrost that prevents the formation of ice. Like the previous two products, the warranty on this fridge is 1 year for the body and 10 years for the compressor. 

Despite being relatively cheap at around INR 20-25,000, this fridge comes with a host of unique features that make it a very compelling choice. Its digital inverter technology ensures noiseless functioning and less power consumption. The included icemaker is convertible, allowing you to free up even more storage space if required.

This fridge also has shelves which slide forward, making it easy to reach foods stored towards the back of your refrigerator. The LED lighting further simplifies this process by making ingredients easily visible, which is especially useful during nighttime.

An inbuilt deodorizer also keeps your food smelling and tasting fresh for longer by eliminating any undesirable odor from your foods. Lastly, this fridge can survive damage from a wide range of power fluctuations between 100V-300V, dispensing with the need for an external stabilizer. 

The only thing about this refrigerator that might be close to being inconvenient is that it has a somewhat low BEE rating of 2 stars. However, the digital inverter technology ensures that it nevertheless consumes very less electricity (around 200 units per year).

Also, some users have complained that the after sales service of this product is lacking. However, given the quality of Samsung fridges, you will likely not need them at all. 


  • Budget friendly yet packed with features 
  • Sliding shelves make reaching ingredients easy
  • Digital inverter significantly reduces energy consumption
  • Convertible storage space


  • Not the greatest customer service

4) Godrej 99L 1 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator 

This one is for the bachelors and small families consisting of two members. Though it does not have any of the fancy features of previous machines listed here, it will easily get the job done for those who do not need too much storage space. Most alternatives for bachelors only have about 50L of storage or less, which can quickly run out. However, this machine makes that highly unlikely. 

This refrigerator comes with an inbuilt stabilizer to prevent any damage due to power cuts, and it has the same warranty as others on this list. It has separate compartments to store produce and milk unlike others in this category of refrigerators. The compact design ensures it does not take up too much space either. 

The shelves in this fridge are wired instead of toughened glass. This means that you may not be able to store very heavy utensils on them, but they are durable enough to store commonplace items like various ingredients such as bread, butter, cheese, beverages, etc. Keep in mind that wired shelves are standard for refrigerators with capacity lying in this range. The bottle racks are also sufficiently big to store tetra packs, sauces, soft drinks, and other foods.  

The only major downside of this fridge is that it only has a 1-star BEE rating, which means that it is not very efficient at energy consumption. However, given its low price, some additional expense for electricity might not hurt your wallet too much. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a small fridge to use for a few years, this option is perfect for you. Godrej is known to make high quality refrigerators, and so the chances of you facing technical issues with the product are very low. 


  • Larger storage capacity than mini fridges in this category
  • Comes with an inbuilt stabilizer
  • Affordable price from a reputed brand 


  • 1-star BEE rating

5) LG 308L 2 Star Inverter Linear Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator 

A list of the best refrigerators in India would be incomplete without an LG product, and this one is an absolute steal for all the features it provides. If you have a large family with five or more members, this fridge will likely suit your needs like no other on the market.

Though 75 of its 308L storage capacity is dedicated to the freezer, this can be converted for use as a refrigerator if needed. The shiny stainless steel design also makes this fridge stand out in your kitchen without appearing too gaudy. 

Industry standards for this category such as toughened glass shelves, 1 and 10 year warranty for the body and compressor, along with 2L bottle storage space on the racks are also present here. 

One of the coolest features of this refrigerator that isn’t included in any other fridge on this list is its Smart Diagnosis technology. The fridge connects to your phone using Wi-Fi through LG’s app, allowing you to detect and solve any issues that may arise with your fridge, such as temperature control, its express freeze feature, etc.

This refrigerator also has two additional vents on its door, which minimizes any loss in cooling if the fridge is opened and closed frequently throughout the day through this Door Cooling feature. 

It’s Auto Smart Connect feature connects your fridge to your home inverter in the case of power cuts, preventing any damage to your refrigerator. Like a few others on this list, LG’s fridge also keeps your produce moist and fresh for longer thanks to its Moist-N-Fresh technology. Lastly, it has been rated 2 stars by the BEE, which is equivalent to a 3 star rating in 2019, meaning that it is very efficient when it comes to energy consumption. 

One minor issue that some users have reported is that Smart Diagnosis does not always work as well as it should. However, this is the only minor flaw in an otherwise outstanding product by a renowned brand. 


  • Door Cooling feature
  • Convertible storage 
  • Efficient in energy consumption


  • Some issues with the Smart Diagnosis feature

6) Whirlpool 265 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator 

The last product on this list is yet another product with several creative features that are bound to be very useful to every household that purchases this refrigerator.

This is the most energy efficient refrigerator on this list with a BEE rating of 4 stars (3 stars in 2020). Like others on this list, you can also convert the freezer for usage as a refrigerator to increase storage capacity based on your preferences. It also comes with toughened glass shelves, Honey Comb moisture lock technology that keeps food fresh for longer, and standard warranty. 

Coming to some features that aren’t included elsewhere, its Zeolite technology prevents fruits and vegetables from overripening. It also has Microblock technology that prevents up to 99% bacterial growth to keep produce fresh for longer. If you use your freezer often, you’ll also be delighted by the 5 different modes you can set it to based on your needs.

These modes include Deep Freeze, Party, Dessert, Chef, and All Season. They are differentiated based on the rate of cooling. Furthermore, its Adaptive Intelligence feature senses the load stored inside the fridge, your usage patterns, as well as the weather pattern of your area to modulate the internal temperature of the refrigerator.

The main drawback here is that this fridge is comparatively expensive compared to other products in this category. However, given all of its features, it might well be worth the price tag. 


  • Adaptive Intelligence feature senses usage patterns and weather to regulate temperature 
  • Several features are included to keep your produce fresh for longer
  • 5 different modes for your freezer
  • Convertible storage 


  • High price 

The Different Types of Fridges

There are mainly six different types of fridges that you can choose from. This difference is primarily based on the style of doors that each utilize, and they are: single, double, and triple door, mini door, French doors, and side by side door fridges. 

Single Door Fridges

Single door fridges are the most common type preferred by couples or bachelors living alone. These generally have a small capacity that ranges between an average of 160-260 liters and are relatively cheap. As such, they have a limited number of shelves and a very small compartment that acts as a freezer.

Most single door fridges also come with manually defrosting freezer for any ice that may have formed inside it. Mini fridges are also a type of single door fridge, though they are much smaller (approximately 50-90 liters) and so are best for dormitory rooms or small offices. 

Double and Triple Door Fridges

These are of two different types based on whether the freezer is placed on the top or bottom. Compared to single door fridges, double door ones have a larger capacity and thus also consume more electricity. The latter are frost free, which allow for more even cooling throughout the refrigerator. Double door fridges with the freezer on the top are easily the most popular type overall due to its suitability for families of four or five. 

However, the ones with bottom freezers also have some advantages that might be worth considering. Though this type of fridge hasn’t caught on in India and options remain limited, bottom freezer fridges might be appropriate for you if you don’t use your freezer frequently. The fresh food storage area is usually the most commonly used part of the fridge, and bottom freezers make this compartment much more easily accessible by keeping it at eye level. The freezers in this type of fridge are also generally deeper, allowing you to store more foods in it.

Triple door fridges are fairly similar to double door ones. The main advantage they have is that they make organization of your different foods easier due to more compartments. However, they also tend to consume a lot more energy. 

French Door and Side by Side Refrigerators

If you’re looking for something fancier, you may want to opt for either a French door or side by side refrigerator. French door refrigerators generally have doors that open outwards, with a split in the middle with a freezer at the bottom. They tend to have more space for storage and are suitable for kitchens that have a narrow space for refrigerators since the doors need not be opened fully to access your food. However, this type of fridge usually comes with components that are prone to failure and these can be extremely expensive to repair. 

Lastly, side by side refrigerators are similar in design to French door fridges, with the main difference being the placement of the freezer. In the latter, this is placed at the bottom, whereas in the latter it is at eye level to your left. French door fridges tend to be more expensive, though they also generally have more storage space. A choice between the two largely comes down to a matter of preference.


In this article, we’ve discussed everything you need to know before buying a refrigerator. Now that you’re aware of different types of fridges available, to essential features, and the best refrigerators for all needs, you are fully equipped to make an informed decision regarding what is considered a very important choice. However, if you’re looking for one versatile choice, go for the Samsung 253L refrigerator.

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